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Arixona Rogue
Need some advice. Lost my job and house. In a hotel and soon won't be able to afford that either. Housing turned me down. Would like to get a job that has housing provided and is a good environment for kids. Like a nanny, house sitter or a good work at home job. Any ideas or lead? Thank you for you time and help
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We are currently looking for people to participate in PAID market research for a Fortune 500 company on household products. We need people with interesting stories, who fit into the following category:
Recently single dads who are having to learn how to do household chores.
If you would be interested in participating, please send us a brief description of your situation and a photo(s) of each participant. Compensation is $500 if chosen for the market research.
Thank you!
All email responses should be sent to:
Real people. No actors please.
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